Bunbury magazine, testing, testing, 1,2.


Hello there!

Well. Look at us all WordPressy and bloggy.

Sooo! How have you been? Family keeping well? Good. Right, enough small talk, we want you. We want you bad(ly) and we just can’t hide it any more. We want you in our magazine.

The next issue is due out early next month and the theme is Mythology. We are , as you may have already gathered, taking submissions to this end, so please get in touch at bunburymagazine@gmail.com.


Tonight also sees Bunbury Magazine in association with Joqux O’th Rock, kick off the new Bury based writing group ‘Do The Write Thing’. It is running every Tuesday evening from tonight for the foreseeable from 7:30-9:30. All genres, styles and disciplines are welcome so if you’re knocking about the area, please come and see what the fuss is about! We have big plans for this writer’s group so get involved!

Anywhooo, that’s enough blithering from us, we’re off to raid the shops for biscuits. Man cannot live on tea alone after all.


Love ‘n’ hugs,

(Christopher and Keri)

Yes, I really am that pale.
Christopher and his magnificent beard and glasses



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