Update on Bunbury thingys

Hello all you wonderful bunburyists, just a quick update on the things that have been going on.

“Do the write thing” has launched and has been featured in the local press, bit of exposure is always nice as long as it’s not indecent.


Remember to be at Joqux O’th Rock bar every Tuesday to see it, plus there will be a poetry night once a month starting next week with further plans for a play performance night every six months so tonne of stuff going on.

In other news our very own editors/dictators/overlords Christopher and Keri-Ann performed at a poetry night called “Spoken Word” held at the Crescent Pub in Salford.

The final piece of gossip is that Christopher Moriarty is hoping to get his book “Lightspeed” released early next year something we’d all love to see happen.

That about wraps it up for news for the time being, only thing left to say is look forward to all the fantastic things coming up and look out for the next issue of Bunbury which should go down as a thing of legends (get it… the next issues theme is mythology, it’s literally a thing  with legends in it, shut up I’m funny.)

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