Editor Christopher Writes: 02/01/15

Today has been a strange day. I made the mistake of starting to play Minecraft just before Christmas. I get horribly drawn into computer games. Even more so with repetitive tasks. Minecraft is a conglomeration of the two. You dig a hole, fill it in. Dig a hole, fill it in. Dig a hole, fill…MONSTERS! Monsters that want to shoot you and eat you and blow you up just for digging a couple of holes. I aint getting all up in their business. It’s a game of exploration. You can do anything and everything in the world of Minecraft. You can build a house. Build another house. Build a farm. Erm… Oh! You can dig holes. I’ve sat and watched videos of the stuff people have created in Minecraft. Huge sprawling recreations of real-life cities and such. It must have taken them hours and hours over years to do. I can’t help but think if they put the same amount of time into actually learning how to build things in the real world, they could be world-renowned architects.

If I’d have put the same amount of time into learning the guitar as I did playing Guitar Hero, I could be like Yngwie Malsteem by now instead of the ten-thumbed, talentless noise-polluter I currently am. I have a bit of a problem with getting myself geared up to do these things though. I’m one of those ‘there’s always tomorrow’ people. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pick the guitar up again and torture Keri with it for a few hours. Here’s a poem:

The wind is showing off.

It bustles its way through leaves

yet the thin branches of tobacco in my

scrunched cigarette paper remain perfectly still.

Across the road I see two youths eyeing me up.

I quickly tuck the half-rolled fag back into the pouch

and into my pocket

then force my hands deep inside my coat.

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