Editor Christopher Writes – A Poem A Day For A Year: 13/01/15

Doing this blog this late at night can be problematic. Throughout the day, I have thoughts and opinions on things but I get distracted by housework, or studying I course I can barely understand, or playing FIFA. By the time Keri and I have eaten dinner and had our minds re-blown by a couple of episodes of Fringe, any ire / positivity / energy I had has basically dissipated. Plus tonight I am a little drunk off vodka and ginger beer. Keri is playing Minecraft. You are really seeing behind the velvet rope now.

Tonight we had the first meeting of our writing group, Do The Write Thing, since before Christmas. It was a small modest affair. Just myself and Keri, and two regular members, Fiona and Lorraine. We shared what we have been writing, which always leads to healthy feedback and conversations related to what has been written about, It was just good to meet up with them again. Since I have been off work with depression and feel angsty about being in social situations, I have been cooped up at home a lot and it was nice to go out and connect with some actual human beings, and humans who like writing and are basically on the same wave-length a me.

Fiona wrote a stunning poem about what has been happening in Paris which I really hope to be able to share with you in the next few days. As a writer, she has a flow and way with words and nuanced eye for detail that is very enviable. As a writer myself, I dislike her for these thing.

I do not.

Anyway, I have sort of left this way a little too late tonight. I can only apologise that my ramblings are succinct. It is possibly a good thing as the conversation tonight turned to the Ched Evans / Oldham situation on which I have thoughts but they are manifold, complex and not something I want to get sucked into. Plus, I have a vodka and ginger on the other side of the room that is calling me. I have asked it to stop but it loves insulting people.

Here is a poem.

The boiler has started kicking again,

dull metallic thumps from the pipework

telling us we are no longer allowed to keep warm

via a service we pay healthily for.

She asks me to go and get the eiderdown

from the airing cupboard and switch off the heating

while I am there.

I reach down the side of the bed and grab my socks,

put them on under the duvet and haul myself out of bed.

I stiffly walk to the door, reaching into the hall to switch the light on

before entering it properly,

because monsters.

I walk down the hall to the airing cupboard and

pull open the slatted wooden door. There

are three shelves filled with pillow-cases,

bed-sheets, duvet covers.

I stand and look at them for a moment and reach forward,

picking up a thick, pink clothy blanket. What the fuck in an eiderdown?

Is this one? Or maybe it’s that velvety green

bed-cover thing down on the other shelf?

While I think I turn to the dial for the heating and turn

it down. I think that’s right. I’ve

never understood how it works to be honest.

I don’t think anyone really knows how their boiler works.

It’s just one of those things we say we know how to work

when someone asks, to save face – like the difference between

fast and economy cycles on the washing machine.

I clutch the pink blanket in my hand.

This is the one. If it’s not,

I could always just make a hot water bottle.

But that means downstairs,

the dark.

No, this is an eiderdown and by god it will

keep us warm if it literally kills us.

Eiderdown, duvet. It’s

all bourgeois really.

A new announcement, on the 17th February we are hosting the next Do The Write Thing live spoken word event. It is hosted in Bar Ten on Silver Street, Bury, north of Manchester. It is always a cracking night of live poetry, games and prizes to be won in the best bar in Bury. Please do try to get along. We have open mic spots available, headline slots for the taking and a very welcoming attitude! We also love live music so if you play and/or sing, let us know! Here is the poster that the very talented Keri made for us.

DTWT 1702

Once again, while you are here, the latest issue and all previous issues of Bunbury Magazine are available for your discerning reading pleasure right here – Bunbury Magazine – All the Issues

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