Editor Christopher Writes – A Poem A Day For A Year: 14/01/15

Here is a poem. Cutting to the chase today because I have literally no thoughts in my brain. I may have to start doing this blog in the morning.

‘We’ll give you a call tomorrow’

The wet, flaccid handshake

of insincerity drips


my fingers

as these words creep into my ears,

scurrying down the auditory canal

and nestling into pink matter

before I can make any judgement

on their honesty.

I wipe my hand on my freshly-ironed

suit pants, flattening the crease and

exit the interview room

a whole hour-and-a-half early.

Two days later and,

while my phone has been busy,

those words have died in their burrow.

I am still waiting for the call.

Maybe tomorrow the call will come

and I can wipe his sweat

off my trousers.

Actually, as there is no blog today, here is a bonus poem.

bleached hair bleeds into

bleached orange

tone blushed

pinched tucked

cut sliced

stuffed stretched skin bound in

lycra boob tubes

muscles tees

little tees

black dressed

skinny jeans

white teeth

fake tits

pecs abs

gluteus concretus

size zero

triangle men and women

triangle man and woman

from template


standard issue

pouting strutting

shouting drinking


all the same

it’s all the same

they’re all the same

as each other

fashionistas on high

on the pedestal

created by our

need to fill the void left

religion lacking

but they all follow it

the religion of uniformity

uniformly individually

copied from our idea

of perfection designed

to give and control us

by erection salivation

moistening glistening

if we think

it’s sexy we will buy it

buy it to be like them

we just want to be like them

the idols empowered

by slavery to the ideal

slaves to time

as it all fades falls

skin stuffing

slips malforms


wrinkles unironed

crows feet

plastic surgery fails

against time

in time

decaying betraying

the hours days years

lost to that ideal

molecules will separate

and melt away

yet they will live on

as un-recycled plastic

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