Editor Christopher Writes – A Poem A Day For A Year: 01/02/15

OK, so last night’s post was very brief. As I said, I was almost too drunk to type. My friend from university came up for the night and we had a few beers, then a few more, and a few more and enjoyed quite a few lucky dips in the bar. The lucky dips are a phenomenal idea. Pay £2 and pull out a ticket and get anything from a pint to a shot and everything in between.

Anyway, this guy was one of my best friends at uni. We used to just sit and veg together, watching shows and paying games and generally just talking b***ocks. I hadn’t seen him for over 3 years. It was really nice.

I have slightly fallen behind with a few things though, though I suppose I can be a little forgiven given I do not really go out just for pleasure any more. It is usually to some event where we are working for Bunbury and thus have to be well-behaved. Well, as well-behaved as I can muster anyway! Don’t get me wrong, I love going to these events but it was nice to just be for the night.

I’m still quite terrifically hungover so any deep thoughts I may have on current issues are a bit subdued tonight so I may very well just push on to the actual point of this blog, the #PoemADayForAYear.

Before I do though. One month down, eleven to go. What I shall be doing after each full month is publishing the poetry as a stand-alone off-shoot of Bunbury. I have managed to get some terrific art-work from some people we have featured in past issue and I am quite excited to see what the finished product will be.

Here is a poem. Once again, I am using the prompt from #fieryverse. Find them on Twitter. They are such a valuable resource for writing.

Words bound furiously

towards the wall, making it

quake as they shred

silk emotions,

whip-crack tears

rotting on hardwood.

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