Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 12/02/15

Well, what with one thing and another, it’s not been a great few days but I did manage to get my philosophy essay in on time. In past assignments, I have tried to be as illustrative in the language and examples as possible, given depth to my arguments in the essay and quotes I have referenced from philosophers. This has not, so far, gotten me very good marks. This is very annoying because in my previous two modules, the marks I was getting had me in good stead for a 1st. This module is seriously damaging my chances of that now. Ah well.

So I had to do a 2,000 word essay, which is not big deal, and then a four minute long presentation on the essay. Basically a mini version of what you have already written. This I did. I practised it a few times and then pressed record. About 2 minutes in I stumbled massively so had to start again. The next, and final attempt went well. I did not listen to it all because I hate hearing my own voice but hell, I was there when I was recording it. I can remember any mistakes. I did press play eventually, to make sure it had actually recorded. Turns out It cut off the very first word. Now, it was very fortunate that the new first sentence did actually align with my conclusion.

This is going to be a short one tonight. We are still sort of adjusting to both working 9-5 after two and more years working weird hours. We went for a pint, made tea, cleaned a bit and now it is 11pm. Evening gone. I do not mind too much. After al the shite that has been thrown at me recently, I kind of deserve a couple of nights off I think.

So with brevity in mind…

Here is a poem. The prompt is submerge from #VerseReversal

A hollow drip

becomes sleep becomes a puddle,

pool, lake, waterfall, torrent,

rapids I drift away,

submerged in black-blue dreams.

You know the drill by now. You can never have enough micro-poetry!

Here is a(nother) poem. The prompt comes from #HeartSoup and is ‘indiscreet’

On a bench

he reads The Mail with a

headline ‘Assassin uses Mail as disguise’

with a picture of a man on a bench

reading the Mail.

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