Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 14/02/15

I had a bad day today. For the first time in a long, that voice in the back of my head was there. The chronophobic one. The one that makes me experience mental anguish on the second, every second for every second that passes. I was admittedly a little bit of a nightmare for all concerned today. I do not mean to be like this and I do not like being like this. I hope my time on the waiting list for CBT is not overly long.

Anyway, tomorrow is a new day. A new chance to be a better person. I will try my best to take that chance and repay the huge debts I owe to those in my life that support me.

Here is a poem. The prompt for today was the day itself, Valentine’s day.

Good night, world.

They are turning the lights off now.

The roads have been taken in for the night now.

Travel is impossible.

Unless, of course, you hitch-hike on the astral highway.

We here took a trip down that dusty road once.

We saw ebbing mountains,

tiding and breaking

against intangible concepts of buildings

that had not yet been built.

We saw the sky weep.

Not rain, it never rains.

It was weeping with anguished joy

for all those who had passed and

those who may yet but never yet be.

In the distance,

in a parting between those fluctuating mountains,

we saw an infinite pizzeria,

selling nothing but soft-toy representations of

The Great Yawn,

which, of course,

is the process through which everything

will be returned to its



We smiled at these toys and bought three of them.

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