Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 17/02/15

For a Tuesday, I do not think this is going to be a bad day. Pancake Day for one! I did try and make pancakes this morning. I did not go well. We bought one of those ready mixed bottles of pancake batter – the one that you just add milk to. I wanted to make heart-shaped pancakes for Keri. The first one was an unequivocal failure. The batter had not mixed in with the milk so I essentially fried up a vague circle of hot, bubbling milk. I took a fork and mixed it more, this time making sure all the batter had blended with the milk. I tried again. It did not work. I do not think the pan was designed for making pancakes in.

Yes, I am blaming the tools.

I wanted to make these heart-shaped pancakes for Keri because today is her birthday. Because of the lack of payment from either job, I am not able to spoil her as much as I would have liked but I have a couple of nice things lined up for her. I feel I have to do something to make up for the fact that I presented her with a heart-shaped pan of curdled milk this morning. I will.

I will do something nice. Something nice that does not involve flambéed milk.

Today also sees the return of the Do The Write Thing The first one of 2015. It should be a really good one. We have two great head-liners in Joy France and Karen Little. Also, plenty of open mic spaces so if you live in or around Manchester, get down. We do a competition with prizes and there will be cake, which I think was a Daniel-Day Lewis film. Click on the Do The Write Thing just above for general info on the event or just below here for the Facebook event page:

DTWT 1702Anyway, enough of that. It is still too early for me to have had a cogent thought yet about anything. I watched that UKIP: First 100 Days last night. It was interesting in a -scarily-possible-near-future-dystopia way. That is genuinely all I have on that for now. See, I can barely string a coherent sentence together. It may be because I have Nick Grimshaw yammering away in my ear. On the radio. He is not stood behind me.

Nick Grimshaw is not stood behind me.

Nick Grimshaw is not stood behind me.

Whenever I am having a bad day, I shall use this as mantra for positivity. No matter how bad things are, I can always remember that

Nick Grimshaw is not stood behind me.

Nick Grimshaw is not stood behind me.

And I shall smile.

Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘crown of lilies’ from SoulHoot

Leaden petals race

tears of blood to the

cement floor.

The crown of lilies

sits atop our saviour,

who died because of our sins.

Here is another poem. I cannot guarantee it will be happier but I can guarantee it will be. The prompt is ‘the hollow and the sound’ from MadVerse

Hollow hallowed halls

perfectly pitch

repetition of primal

sounds, the sounds

of new life being anointed

as one of us.



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