Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 20/02/15

You’re probably sick of this by now but, what can I say, these things keep happening.

We have news.

Last month, we travelled to *redacted* to see *redacted*. Whilst we were there, we were hoping to meet *redacted* as I am a big fan of *redacted*. Sadly, *redacted* wasn’t there. We are going to *redacted* again this month and have just been told that *redacted* will be there this time and is up for doing an interview. Oh, *redacted*, you beautiful *redacted*. I am so very excited.

That’s three big interviews we have this month. No, four! We have *redacted* who does *redacted*, *redacted* who is a *redacted*, *redacted* and now *redacted*! We are so very lucky to have all these *redacted* people!

In other news, *redacted* has *redacted* in *redacted* and has been *redacted*.




Error. Error. Error. Error. Error. Error.

This blog and its contents, including present, past and future posts have been redacted. Too many secrets were being revealed and posed a threat to national security. Possibly. We are not sure but since Ed Snowden we are a little twitchy.


Christopher does not really have a lot to say but he does like typing the word ‘redacted.’ You would have thought, given how many times it has been used in this post, he would have just copied the first time it was used and pasted after that.

For the foreseeable future, Christopher will not be handling this blog. It will be us, the nameless hive entity who encourages you all to keep your secrets to yourself. Chances are no-one is interested anyway.

Here is a *redacted*.

Christopher here. I do not have much time so let’s get to it. Here is a poem.

The deep white glow of the screen

shrouds me. One quiet click

deafening in the absence

of everything else bar

throaty inhaling

of carcinogens.

That click opens up a infinite source of hatred,

bile, poison, vitriolic representations

of the worst of humanity.


Hashtag Ugly Slut,

You should kill yourself

You deserve to die

I hope you get raped

I fucked your mother

your brother

your father

your unborn children

I hope they get aids

No blacks allowed

British only

Britain for British



We’re racist, we’re racist

Ideologies that just make no sense

yet impact on the most susceptible

to the moronocity of the 99%

Moronocity, by the way,

is the speed at which fucking

awful, ridiculous, abhorrent thoughts

move towards us which,

thanks to fibre-optics,

is pretty fucking quick indeed.

They have a thought and by the time

they have had time to not process

how evil it is,

it is being seen by thousands of people.

Twitter has a spell-check.

It should have a cretin-check.

‘Does this tweet contain any thoughts

that would be seen by many as disgusting,

racist, sexist, disablist, homophobic,

transphobic, misogynistic, androgynistic,

fucking people-phobic?’

Tweet deleted. User blocked.

All of this bile vomits itself into the sancity

of my deep white glow

and I weep a single tear of vehemence

for the fall of humanity

into chaos.

Christopher again. If you do not hear from me, send help.

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