Editor Christopher Writes – #APoemADayForAYear: 25/02/15

Right, it’s 09:32am. I am starting my blog now so I can do a proper job of it today. The last few days have been very rushed and I feel it is doing everyone who reads it a disservice. I can only apologise to you all for some shoddy work.

Then again, this is pretty much a vanity project so really, do your opinions matter? Do any opinions about any subject really matter? After all, we’re just matter anyway. Ugly, bi-pedal formations of carbon, hair and assimilated technology that will one day fall screaming into a hole in the ground and into the sun and be swallowed by dark matter.

But I do really hope you are enjoying this project. Some days it drives me mad, some days it puts and extra bounce in my gait.  I’ve had some really encouraging feedback from what I am doing here. All nice friendly words in white comment boxes typed with black letters.

Black like the larks that fly across the black sun, beating down on plains of black grass, a black cow grazes, producing black milk for black tea.

Sorry! So yes, we’re going to do a proper job today.

Verbose. An absolutely wonderful night of spoken word at Fallow Cafe in Manchester. You know a night is popular when you get there feeling like you should have left your elbows at home. The room was packed! Wall to wall talented performers and willing audience. The night is run by the welcoming an ever-friendly Sarah-Clare Conlon, part of the collectives Flashtag Manchester and Inklings, and much more besides! Verbose has members of collectives from the area as its headliners. This time was Curious Tales. JennAshworth, Richard Hirst and Emma Jane Unsworth all wowed us with their own brand of word tapestry. The highlight here was Richard reading from an interactive adventure story. Something we have never seen live and it was very funny indeed.

And then the open mic spots. Oh my, the open mic. All so very good. Poetry, stories, hilarity. I performed myself there and felt so underwhelmingly out of my depth, such is the level of talent on display at Verbose.

I also need to take time here to apologise to someone. David Gaffney. I love his writing and he was there. I may have been a little bit of a…buffoon. I am very sorry. I was very excited! Next time, I should attempt to be as normal as I can muster.

But then again David, you are awesome.

Go and follow some and all, definitely all of the linked names right above. Also, do a search for #verbosemcr, find them on facebook, go to events, have a great time. Oh, and they will be in our net issue so come read them there too!

Here is a poem. A welcome return to micropoetry, I think. The prompt for today is courtesy of FieryVerse and is ‘Fire and Thorn’

A flame puffs

dry leaves, climbing bark,

swinging branches,

calling the jungle.

A cub

stumbles, thorn in foot,

and lies unmoving.

Here is another micropoem. The prompt is ‘sacrifice’ and comes from AsymLife.

Throw me on a grenade,

to the lions, to the slaughter.

Nail me to a cross.

Sacrifice me. It won’t stop me

or silence your conscience.

I want to try something different here now. Here is a flash fiction. I have had an idea knocking around for about four years now which I want to start trying to work out.


Stenson lay under damp, unvarnished floorboards. Every now and again, he would place his hand tight over

his mouth and nose as one of his parents rushed over him, concealing an 8 year-old sneeze.

He had been there now for 2 days. His blue t-shirt was brown. Pink eyelids were prominent amongst dusty skin. He listened. Lay there and heard everything above him.

He had been under the floor for two days. Not once had he heard his father’s tobacco tones call his name, nor his mother’s late night whisky slurs. He heard the door slam as they left for work at 6am and again when they returned at 10pm.

When they were out he could cry. He did not want them to hear him cry. They would ask why he was crying. He did not want to tell them.

Instead, he gathered dust under the floorboards, with grime-speckled hands gently cradling a dead mouse.

As I said, this is an idea that I had a good few years ago. I will be working through it on this blog, if you will all indulge me.

The new issue is creeping up on us already and we are really looking forward to you all getting in touch with your submissions. The theme is Power. Come and wow us and send your work to submissions@bunburymagazine.com

Once again, while you are here, the latest issue and all previous issues of Bunbury Magazine are available for your discerning reading pleasure right here, including the new ‘Unexplained’ special – Bunbury Magazine – All the Issues

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