Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 02/03/15

So last night we officially registered Bunbury Publishing LTD. as a business. This is exciting and scary at the same time. Keri, Matt and I have been doing this magazine for over 18 months now for free and because we love to do it. I personally love reading the submissions that come in, trying to organise features and content to make it as fun and full to read as possible. Working full time though, we do not really get the time to really take it to its full heights.

I saw that when I was off work with depression. I had a lot of time on my hands so I poured a lot more into the magazine, particularly on Twitter. Since December, we have pretty much doubled our following, got some exciting interviews coming up which, as you know, I still cannot talk about. We have been to a lot of events and pretty much been making the most of what we can do.

And I fully believe that what we can do has no bounds now we are registered. I am very excited for the next few months! We are also planning something spectacular for the two year anniversary of Bunbury, which is coming up this year. Oh my, it’s going to be a good year.

One thing I do want to know about is this trend that was going on called ‘#thedress’. From what I saw, people were having a hard time figuring out what colour the dress was. I think the choices were white and gold or black and blue. Something like that. I think the real question here is, who cares? It’s a dress. I have underwear that is now of a indeterminable colour but there aren’t people around the world talking about that, I don’t think. Maybe it’s because I haven’t shared a picture of them. Maybe I should. You’d all like to see that wouldn’t you? Me in discoloured pants. The debate will be rife. Are they white? Are they an off-yellow? Do they harbour an entirely new life-form?

So this dress trends on Twitter all weekend because some entity put a picture on the internet yet I write what I think is a really nice tribute to Mr Nimoy and nothing. I despair at humanity, I really do. Not for my own vanity, you understand. If someone, anyone had written something like this and it was being outshone by a clearly-shoddily-made dress (if it was well made, surely we’d be able to tell what colour it is) I would be equally aghast. There is something very wrong with society.

What else? Oh yes, 2 months til the election. Keri and I were talking about this the other day when some Labour propaganda squirmed through our letter box. ‘How much have you lost under David Cameron?’ About 8 stone, mate. Under this governement, I have been gainfully employed for some time and managed to clear a bit of debt off my shoulders. The same as under the last Labour government, and the same under whomever comes next. It doesn’t matter who is lurking behind the Black Door, their all essentially the same person. Farage will be said to stand out because of outlandish, racist comments and the fact he likes a pint but I know several people down the pub like that. He’s basically the same as the rest of them. Untrustworthy, self-serving. It doesn’t matter to the point where it wouldn’t make a difference if we voted. Obviously, that would only work if every single person in the country was on board but trying to co-ordinate the general public is like trying to nail a sausage to a cloud. Difficult.

Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘second sun’ and comes from FieryVerse

The hot ball of gas in the sky

left me in the dark

then you, my beautiful second sun

pulled me into orbit

and I could see.

Here is another poem. The prompt comes from VerseReversal and is ‘epistle/thistle’.

Send epistles on thistles,

letters on red setters,

notes on stoats,

replies on flies,

a memo on Nemo.

Just please get in touch.

I’m at work at the moment but I want to do a flash fiction today so there may well be another post today. Take care all!

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