Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 04/03/15

Another short one tonight. Been a bit limited about what I can do and when over the last few days. Right when I need to be focused. I think I may be pushing myself a little too hard but there is so much I want to get done and I never fee like there is enough time. Ah well, crippling chronophobia and that feeling that I never do enough are a pair of bitches.

Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘wilderness’ and comes from the prompts we made up last night at Do The Write Thing. In fact, there were a load that Keri has just thrown at me so I may use a few, but I’m not going to patronise you and signpost them all. That and I’m feeling a little lazy.

The pink almost-velvet duvet

flows from my knees down the bed,

a scarlet waterfall cascading into

a deep blue nylon pool.

This pool is edged by wood,

white and unnaturally ordered. The

wood is built upon by a brick, that brick

adorned with the white shavings of

once proud trees.

It is those bricks that separate this

idyll from the wilderness beyond.

The primitive inhabitants that neighbour

our utopic playground have

seemingly been untouched, or at least

uninterested, by the progression of

society and its norms. Their calls pierce

the air throughout the nights. Are these mating

cries? Perhaps a means of locating others in their tribe.

Maybe even distress. Their meaning in

unknown.What we do know is they disturb other

species native to their locale.

Canines bark and howl from dawn til dusk

and from dusk til dawn, unabating no matter

the hour. We here have no slept

for over 2 weeks, despite the

calming nature of our surroundings.

The barking has stopped, surely only

for a while.

Tomorrow we shall investigate.

Never live next door to people who actively

choose to raise their dog to be a twat.

Or at least, make sure you do not live

far away from a kebab shop.

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