Editor Christopher Writes – PoemADayForAYear: 10/03/15

Only a quick thought today. I am using a small Bluetooth keyboard to do this on my phone. Lots of typos, but no more than on my laptop. This cannot be right. It is though, a contributing factor to the brevity of this blog. I am currently in the pub watching Men In Black III talking to very drunk men. One claims to have murdered his father. These are the situations we find ourselves in.
Here is a poem.
The grandiosity of
eloquent velocity
the speed of arrogance
in verbose posturing.
The speed at which we
emphasise the bawdy lies
of boring lives
from deadened eyes.
Just be wise,
realise the life we have
is life enough.
We do not need to take the
rough and make it tough
and rough enough to stand
the nuts and bolts of stuff
talked about in the pub.
The higher speech of intelligence.
Use it right.
Impart it with the foresight
that many may not agree with
your decrees. We are all,
after all, separated by
degrees of intelligences.
This is my own personal
degree of intelligence.
90 degrees.
With new evidence 180.
Spinning with revelation.

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