Editor Christopher Writes – PoemADayForAYear: 11/03/15

It has gotten a little late and I have to do some uni work tonight as well as other things.

Exciting news though. We have been asked if we want a table at this year’s Manchester Con! Yes. Yes we very much do. There will be more details on this as we get them.

We also have two phenomenal writers who want to publish chapbooks through our new company. Things are taking off nicely. Again, things are preliminary but more details will be given when things fall into place more.

Here is a poem.

The poet’s greatest challenge

is not the blank page. It is not

wrestling words into form into

forced rhymes. It is not where

to end one line and begin ano-

ther. It is not when, to have a

break mid-line. It is not even creating

a flow to allow the reader

to go from

line to

line to

line and word to word.

It is not painting vivid pictures

and tapping into the universal mysteries

of life and love and time

and the gods and everything everything.

It is not writer’s block.

No, these things are, relatively speaking of course,

every day for the poet. The poet laughs

at the blank page, hurdles writer’s block

and meets every challenge for what it is.

Something to be overcome.

The poet’s greatest challenge is,

of course, ‘orange’.

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