Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 16/03/15

Avoiding the risk of another heavily-redacted post, we have another big interview for this upcoming issue. Not bad work whilst watching Red Dwarf.

Watching Red Dwarf, by the waym is research for my philosophy assignment. I love philosophy sometimes. When I did a bit of it for A Levels, I got to watch The Matrix over and over.

Also, I set my new laptop to format 3 hours ago and it is still only on 36%. Is this normal?

As I have said recently, profound thoughts are escaping me at the moment. What you have here is some very disconnected ones.

Here is a poem.

Seventeen Adam Sandler films

in three days. Adam Sandler films

are not that good. They are funny

but Adam Sandler films will not be

the cultural bed-rock of any society.

Or, at least, any society that has

Adam Sandler films as its bedrock

will not be a particularly productive society.

In between the Adam Sandler films,

her occasionally peeled himself out of bed

to go to the toilet or the chippy but,

largely, he stayed in bed and watched Adam Sandler

films, fermenting.

On the second day of the Adam Sandler film fest,

there was a knock on the door. He paused the Adam Sandler film

that was currently on and answered the knock.

His housemate came into his room and sat for

a while watching the Adam Sandler film. They

did not say anything to each other,

him and his housemate. They drank

some whiskey in the dark while

the Adam Sandler film provided the barest

of light. Once the Adam Sandler film

had finished, he looked at his housemate,

finished his whiskey, smiled and farted.

The room was already dense with

olfactory funk so his housemate left.

He put on the next Adam Sandler film.

Then another Adam Sandler film.

Once the last of the seventeen

Adam Sandler films had finished,

almost 24 hours later, he got out of bed.

He stripped of his pyjamas and ran naked to the bathroom.

His housemate was in the living

but did not say a word as he ran by.

As the hot water washed away the last three days,

he vowed to never watch another Adam Sandler film again.

There had to be more to life than this.

For him anyway.

He guessed that Adam Sandler films were

a pretty big deal to Adam Sandler.

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