Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 22/03/15

Today has been the rarest of things. A true day off. No pressure to do uni work, magazine work, housework. True, I have done a little of columns B and C but again, there has been no pressure to do anything. I have been driving myself a little mad recently with the thought of stuff not being done but today I put all that to one side. I can only manage this every now and again but it is so freeing when I can.

So what have I actually done today? Sent a few correspondents to people, sorted out a few things for interviews and been through some of our submissions. We are finally starting to get ahead.

When we first started out doing Bunbury Magazine, Keri and I had to put a few pieces of our own in to bump the content a little bit. When we got to issues 3-7, we were getting content in and we didn’t have to put our own in but sometimes we would have to hold on a few weeks to make sure we had enough. This time however, issue eight is not even out yet and we already have about 30 submissions for issue nine. It is a really good feeling to know that we are gaining traction and actually becoming known.

I watched about 5 episodes of The Good Wife. I adore this programme. I love the narrative that weaves throughout it. I love how the big major changes or incidents that happen to the main characters are not necessarily left for end of season cliffhangers. It is also really clever how the end of one season and the start of the next seamlessly blend into one another. And the guest stars. They are phenomenal. I have just got to the start of season four so I have yet to see John Noble and Michael Cerveris but I cannot wait.

I have also been watching Third Rock from the Sun with Keri. It is really easy to forget that this is actually sci-fi. It’s also really refreshing to see entertainment about aliens on Earth when they are not on Earth for invasion. John Lithgow blows my mind in every episode. You can really see the energy he put into the performance and lifts the rest of the cast.

I really wish I had a bit more time to do some good writing about these shows but it is getting late (again!) I really need to make time to sit and do this properly. I have another day off tomorrow so I may start it a little earlier. I can’t do my blog at work anymore which is a pain.

Oh, and I got my new laptop working properly and it’s a dream.

I may have to start doing my weekly self-evaluation again.

I may have to start not typing every disconnected thought I have as I have them

Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘rain clouds’ from ShapePoetry.

Rain Clouds ShapePoetry


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