Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 31/03/15

Well here we are on the eve of doomsday. The last day of true and proper sanity before NaPoWriMo starts. This is something I forced myseld into doing at the start of the year and now the rest of the world (?) will be joining me – writing a poem every day for a protracted period of time.

As with other trends, I started before it was fashionable and I will carry on long after it has stopped being fashionable. We will be launching a site to share what we are doing for NaPoWriMo, merely as an exercise in managed insanity.

In other news, tonight we held the latest Do The Write Thing event. While numbers were slightly down this month, largely due to the inclemence of the weather, it did not dampen the vibrant poetic soul that flowed around the room. We had a few new faces, many returning guests and two brilliant headliners in Dominic Berry and Chris Jam. These two gentlemen really are forces of poetic nature in different ways. Dominic’s poetry has a real humanity and connectedness on a detailed level. He did a mix of poems for adults and poems for children, including one about a young boy who traps a dragon in his maths homework and that is why he cannot hand it in. He uses the entire stage and dramatises every moment.

Chris Jam is a true wordsmith with a voice of gold-dipped radiance  that just makes you fall in love with sentences. From his audience participation poem – where the audience are offered the chance to finish each line – to a poem about the Missouri scandal, every poem touches something deep in us with the rhyme, flow and style of the delivery.

It was amazing to be able to announce both of these gentlemen onto the stage. Two hours on, we still have goosebumps about their reading tonight.

Anyway, here is a poem.

Slumped in the recliner,

upright, strung up tight

in the beating light, just out of sight,

out of sight enough to revel in the delight

of being blighted.

My guitar, once so prolific,

relatively speaking, and relative to my own insubstantial talents,

now lays fat, unloved, wheezing,

out of tune.

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