Editors Christopher & Keri Write – #PoemADayForAYear: 04/04/15. NaPoWriMo Day Four

For our National Poetry Writing Month, we are using NaPoWriMo.net for the prompts. It is a wonderful source that helps and guides writers old and new through the month as well as highlighting some fantastic participants. If you get the chance, pop over and have a cheeky gander.

Also, if you have been following us through this and want to get involved, feel free to post your poems in the comments underneath. IF we get enough we will start featuring some poets on the blog alongside our own!

Here is a poem. The prompt for today is from NaPoWriMo.net and is to write a love poem without using the word ‘love’.


Eyes shine like burnt diamond fire

blazed in your gaze from on celestial plains

pillars of fire bore holes in my soul

and the words dance on my tongue.

I lov…

and it hits me again,

and again and again,

Hot brushed sanded velvet

blisters my skin seeps down to

my bones, the flow of your flow

aura aurora radiates from every pore of

your face, your neck, your chest

and every inch of the rest of you.

The words trapped in my mouth

desperately clawing their way out.

I lov…

It seems trite. It just does not seem right

to use words that have been used over

and over and over again,

and again and again.

Words used as lies, used on those we

despise, speaking differently behind backs.

They just seem to lack something,

they don’t have the right ring.

I’ll swallow them back down

into the pits. There have to be others

that hit the right note, strike the right chord,

toll the right bell. Damn it to hell,

there’s nothing that isn’t cliche.

And now I’m lost. I think it’s best to return

to where we began.

Your eyes shine like burnt diamond fire.

I can only aspire to be one millionth

of the person you deserve, the person

I know I can be if I let that supernova

stare devour me, divine immolation.


Almost Husband

Your chest rises and falls

As gentle growls state sleep.

Running my hands along the contours

Of your warm form,

Exploring you the way we did

When we first met.

Breathing you in

Sends me to sleep

Knowing that you are mine.

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