Editors Christopher & Keri – #PoemADayForAYear: 10/04/15. NaPoWriMo Day Ten

There are not many times a TV show will make me stop what I am doing while watching it and stare, dumbfounded. I have been watching The Good Wife recently. I have balsted through almost the first five seasons in a little under three weeks. I watch it on my lunch break, on the treadmill at the gym, while doing the washing up. Basically, every spare moment I have is put into that show. It is phenomenal. I love the world they have built. The characters that roll in and out, the main cast. The way that, unlike most TV shows, they do not leave big, game-changing events til the end-of-season finale. The things that happen, happen organically and they never feel like credulity is being pushed. It is a very skillful show.

Tonight though, I had to stop mid-episode. Episode 15 of season 5. In other shows, episode 15 may just be a filler episode, there to pad out the narrative until it kicks in for the finale. Not The Good Wife. In episode 15, they just kill a main character. Completely out of the blue, with no warning whatsoever. Just dead. No build up, no little hints as to what may happen in the episodes leading up to it. The character is just no more. Not even the end of the episodes. Slap bang in the middle. I have not watched the fall-out yet. I paused it and had to come through to Keri so she could console me. That sounds silly, I know, but the writing really makes you buy in to the characters.

Actually still a little shocked by it to be honest! I both hate and admire the writers for doing this to me. And yes, I am taking it personally.

Here is my offering for NaPoWriMo.net for today. The prompt was to write an abecedarian poem. This is something I have done before so the biggest challenge was to put from my mind everything I have written in that vein and start with something fresh.


‘A bounder!


Dumbfounding esoteric

fool! Ghastly hound.’

I just kept laughing.

‘Move now, odious peasant.


Step, turn.

Undulate veins.

Wiggle x-rated.

Yelp zealously.


Time for bed

Absolute nonsense

Bounds from my mouth.


Don’t fight a Badger unless you have to,

Echoes are nature’s way of telling you no one is listening,

Forget the future, it only breeds worry and

Get your arse into action.

Hurried thoughts


Jostle for position, flitting like a

Kite in an ill breeze. The

Leviathan of negativity

Makes mincemeat of my

None too stable mind,

Opening me up to self-assault.

Procrastination envelopes me as my

Quivering fingers, hover

Reluctantly over my keyboard, my eyes

Straining as I realise

That my glasses are still

Unfortunately at the bottom of my bag. I tell myself I must stop

Vilifying my own actions but this is a

Waiting game I have lost many times.

Xylophone notes pierce serenity like a migraine,

Yet, I continue with foolishness, reaching a

Zenith of exhaustion.

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