Editor Christopher – #PoemADayForAYear: 11/04/15. NaPoWriMo Day Eleven

I’ve been thinking a little bit about death today. Not in a morbid way. More in a ‘Oh, well, that’s something that happens’ way. I’m going to the cemetery tomorrow to visit my grandparents’ graves. My mother’s parents. I think it must be odd to have two deceased parents, no matter what age you are. Parents are there in such an important way for you. They create you, raise you, see you through all your ups and downs. They are literally (metaphorically) your foundations. I think that, no matter if you have started your own family and are married, surrounded by friends and whatever else, it must be quite lonely in a way to not have your parents just…there anymore.

It’s a sad thought, but one that has inspired my poem for tonight.

Aside from the inspiration, the prompt is a little bit of a bitch. I do not write much in traditional forms of poetry – I think I lack the discipline and belief in what I am actually writing to carry the weight of traditional forms. I am, however going to give it a go.

So the prompt from NaPoWriMo.net for today is to write a poem in Sapphics. Rather than me trying to explain what it is to write in Sapphics, just click on the site above to find out more about it.


There are things in this world that only parents

know. The love that comes from the first moment

their child grabs their finger, first steps, first words

caring and sharing.

There are things in this world that only children

know. They know their parents are their foundation,

be relied upon no matter what and will

never be alone.

Strange it must be for one to lose the other.

Grief can do the strangest things to a person.

Parents can not replace a child. A child will

always feel alone.

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