Editors Christopher & Keri – #PoemADayForAYear: 13/04/15. NaPoWriMo Day Thirteen

So today we started our Rotation Curation of the WeAreManc Twitter account. Get over there and see what we’re up to this week.

Here is a poem. The prompt is to write a riddle poem.


They move in threes yet rest in twos.

Cleanse as they cleanse, dry as they dry

yet get wet when they wet.

They lie flat when stood up yet

never fall down whilst unstable. Sits high

when it lowers. It has a writer who’s

unsure how to write riddles,

keeping both himself and the reader guessing.

It likes to move between pronouns

he she and it, it has ups and downs,

and they are never distressing

yet the clues all stack up at is whittles.


A Vale Of Night In Jacksville.

A man who is not you

Stands on a stage

With a microphone,

Telling you what he loves the most.

He demands the attention

Of the faces,

Flickering in the glow of phones.

He blasts the fans who watch

Instant memories replayed milliseconds

After the fact.

A man who is not you repeats

‘Music is sacred’

And repeats it three more times.

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