Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 28/04/15. NaPoWriMo

Mama always said life is like a bridge.
You can’t travel too fast over it
Else it breaks under your feet.
You can’t travel too slowly now, neither
Else it crumbles before you get to the end.
Sometimes it wobbles and we need to lean
On the barriers to help our journey
But sometimes the journey
Is fair and fine and we can walk unaided.
She said you always got to appreciate the view.
Ain’t no use in staring down at those wooden planks under your feet,
Or there’s no point walking across it
In the first instance.
But be careful you don’t look over
the edge. It’s a mighty long way down
To the river, and we all trying to avoid
The river, else we wouldn’t be taking the bridge at all.
Be mindful of the river though,
Remember it’s there but don’t pay it too much heed.
Sometimes the river is calm,
Bubbles gently along and you can pay it
A never no mind.
Sometimes though,  that river she does
Swell and grow and before you know it
The bridge is creaking and your feet are
Getting wet. Just keep your steps sure,
Don’t panic and you’ll be ok, my mama always said.
That river sure is full of turds,
But you keep true to that bridge and
She’ll keep true to you.
You may not always make it to
the other side but if you
Appreciate the view and enjoy the journey,
Then there ain’t no shame in that.
I don’t know if my mama made it to the other side. I do know her bridge
Was a fine bridge through
A maze of rolling hills and the most
Beautiful flowers and perfect skies
You could ever possibly entertain a notion of.

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