Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 02/05/15

Tonight has been spent watching programmes on one subject I absolutely dread: politics. I am part of the ‘disenfranchised youth’ demographic who feels no connection to the subject or anyone involved in it or who even thinks about it on a semi-regular basis. Politics is just something that happens to other people.

So I thought. I’m starting now to see how things that happen in governments can actually effect me. Maybe I am getting older. Well, I know I am getting older, as are we all, but maybe I’m growing up? Maybe I’m becoming more important. I think this is more likely.

There are quite a few issues that seem to be forming the centre-point for this election. The deficit. Cutting that seems to be everyone’s main aim.

Cameron has said that he will not be raising tax for those on low wages. In fact, the cap for income tax is going to be increased. Now, I’m fairly sure this throughout the entire tax year that has just ended, the cap was something like £10.600. So why was I still paying tax on that? That is what I want to know. Why do I work all week, every week, for no money. Last month I worked for the equivalent of about £3.60 an hour. I got almost half my wages taken from me for tax. This cannot be right.

I think I know which way I am voting. I always thought with these Question Time type shows that each one would be equally as convincing as the nest because they are trained to be so but there was one which stood out for me, who seemed to want to try and get things working again.

I think I know how I am voting. It may surprise some of you to know who I am voting for. It may surprise some of you even more that I am interested.

But I am. I want my damn money back.

Here is a poem.

blue-leaf, red gold lies

fill a hall, no more than 300 capactiy.

A fair cross-section?

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