Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 04/05/15

So in three / two days (depending on how you qualify it being after midnight now) we decide the next five years of the country. I have a bit more of an interest in politics than I did at the last general election. In fact, shockingly, I do not think I actually voted. But I have not really moaned about the state of the country in the last five years. Well, I have, but not with any political slant whatsoever. More about some of the creatures that inhabit this isle of ours. The Jeremy Kyle contestants.

I think contestants is the right word. From what I’ve seen of that programme, it’s a lot like boxing but without any of the rules. Or a quiz show where one of them has to guess how many other people their partner has slept with and if they get it right they win an argument.

I think I have strayed. As I may have said before, I do not know which way I am going to vote. I do not think my life will dramatically change if one party or another gets into power. I already get taxed too much, can’t get a real human job and have been left financially crippled by university. There’s not really much else bad that any of the parties can do.

It would be nice if the Greens got in. That amount of blue-sky thinking is bound to improve the weather.

The one thing that really sticks out listening to all the manifestos and debates is that there’s really not much to choose from between the two main parties. They’re pretty much the same. As unlikable as each other. Yet, to say they are pretty much the same, they really do not like each other. And the smaller parties do not like them or each other. And the main parties do not like the smaller parties. There’s a hell of a lot of division there.

That would be the one silver lining of UKIP getting into power. It would unite all these different factions. Maybe they would all team up, get on the same page as one another in order to fight UKIP out of power. Then, with all these politicians concentrating on uniting their efforts, once the coup has been staged, they could stay on that same page and work together to really fix the problems in this country.

That sounds like it has come straight out of the Green manifesto, I know but if we had every party all working together, getting their policies in line with each other and truly becoming greater than the sum of their parts we could really be a great country instead of a soft touch.

If that doesn’t pan out, at least all these people would be in the same place for a time. We could all do a collective wee on them to make them see the shittiness of their ways.

Here is a poem.

There’s always tomorrow, says the tired little bee.

Tomorrow I shall finish this flower and move on to the next,

collecting its sweet pollen to take buzzing back to the hive.

Today I started this flower because I know all

the flowers must be relieved of their pollen

and I am a good worker, carefully plucking the sweetness

from its home. I knew I would not finish this flower

today but that did not stop me. I can finish it tomorrow.

I am a good worker and there is always tomorrow

to finish jobs I have started today.

The butterfly, idle on its leafy perch,

watches the bee buzzing away.

With a snort, the butterfly takes off,

unsteadily beating its weak wings.

It flies for a few seconds and lands on another leaf,

content to rest a while.

It has had a hard day, this idle, lazy butterfly.

It has visited four leaves.

The butterfly cannot see the reward of hard work like the bee can.

The bee thinks the butterfly is a cunt.

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