Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 06/05/15

Once upon a time,

in a land not physically far away but

on a whole other plain of reality,

there lived a princess called Quinnomenia.

Now, Quinnomenia liked to write stories

and invent games for the children

of her kingdom. She would invent

mighty heroic quests for heroes

to undertake, where they would fight

dragons and skeletons and all manner

of monsters. While her little heroes

were off on their adventures, she would await

them in her tower, kept company by her noble

prince, whom she loved with intensity.


Food was often short in the kingdom.

Quinnomenia and her family would

give their extra food to those in need

because they looked after their subjects.

Sometimes this made her prince angry

and they would argue. One day,

after they gave a whole emperor-size

feast to the hungry, the prince was so

angry that he left the kingdom for good.

This made Quinnomenia very upset for

a very long time. She cried for days and weeks.

While she was upset, she was not making new

stories and games for the children. The boys and girls

of the land missed adventuring for the princess.


One day, after Quinnomenia had cried her very last tear,

she emerged from her tower, having locked herself away,

with a new story for the children.

It was about a princess, very much like herself

who was very sad. It helped the children understand

what it means to be very sad indeed.

To be continued.

Part Two tomorrow.

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