Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 08/05/15

Two poems today as I have two issues burning in my chest and making my brain itch.

Politics and ants.

Here is a poem.


Today a large proportion of the country

was jubilant as waves of deep, dark blue

washed over maps.

For those of us looking in at the celebrations.

we may take some solace in the fact that

the Tories started very strongly on their

pledge to create 2 million more jobs.

As Milliband, Clegg and Farage handed in their

notices, three were created straight away.

It’s going to be a hard few months for them

after this result. You can’t claim for three

months if you quit. The only one who will

probably be missed is Farage, I’d wager to say.

OK, we hate him but, let’s face it, we’re going to hate

any leader of UKIP. At least Farage added a bit

of colour to British politics, a fact I’m sure he’d hate.

Of course, it won’t be all doom and gloom for

Milliband. I’ve heard he’s been cast to play Sheldon

in the British remake of The Big Bang Theory.

It’s not all laughs today though.

We are now on the brink of five more years

of austerity, cuts,

the cannibalisation of the NHS,

working people losing money,

pensioners facing more hardship,

some stuff with the EU that

really sounds too dull to try and comprehend.

The result has proved one thing though.

In voting David Cameron to be the leader of

a majority government, we as a nation

have proved the robotics industry

in this country have finally cracked

the fully realistic, autonomous android.


The serrated, razors of the ants mandibles

makes light work of grass. Watching it work

though, I am reminded of the picture

of that bloke sitting on a branch cutting it

from the wrong side. The last green thread

snaps and both blade and ant

tumble to the ground. The ant is not cutting the

grass to eat it, merely to grow fungus.

The ant spends all day, every day cutting grass

so I suppose it need a hobby.


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