Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 12/05/15

Here is the continuation of the fairy tale of Princess Quinnomenia.

Part Two

While Princess Quinnomenia was locked away in her tower,

the prince travelled from kingdom to kingdom

telling tales about the princess. How she was an unfit ruler,

giving away all the kingdom’s food to whomever asked.

Reports of these rumours started to filter back to her kingdom

and they upset Quinnomenia.

Three years before all these events, Quinnomenia had

indeed given food to another kingdom. An ambassador

had journeyed to her castle because he had heard rumours

of her wealth and generosity. He gave her compliments

and flattery until she felt she could not but give a harvest to him.


It was about this that her prince was spreading news,

but he was making stories up too, incensing rulers of

other lands against her and telling them how to infiltrate

her castle and all the secret nooks and passageways

to hide inside.


While the prince was spreading his venomous tongue

around the land, the children of Quinnomenia’s kingdom

fell in love with her new story.

They would gather around in front of the castle every evening

to hear the next chapter.

One day, while she was reading, one of her knights interrupted

to tell her of the rumours the prince was spreading amongst the

kingdoms and of the assembly that had been formed by all the

other rulers, who claimed that a woman, a princess,

was not fit to rule over a kingdom.

He reported that an army had been sent forth towards her castle.

That night she packed everything she needed and fled to a shanty

on the outskirts of her kingdom to hide. Her subjects offered

to give her shelter but she did not want to endanger them.


Part Three coming soon.


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