Do The Write Thing – Night of the Well Read: 12/05/15

Last night saw the latest installment of our live event, Do The Write Thing. We always have an absolute blast at every event we do and last night was no exception.

It was an intimate crowd on a nice, calm night in the centre of town.  The first half was kicked off by our very own Keri-Ann Edwards with a mixture of poems old and new, sweet and filthy. Then DTWT regulars Fiona Nuttall and Joseph Roberts wowed us with some of their wonderful words. We also had Lorraine, a regular member of the group and owner of the very fine establishment in which we host the night. To top the first half off, we had David Subbachi, a poet we have had the honour of publishing in our pages, all the way from Wrexham.

Here is the first half in pictures.

We then broke tradition for the start of the second half by inviting David back to the stage. Given he had travelled all this way, we needed to hear more! Following his mini-encore, we had first time performer Chris Leores who really impressed us. Then another regular Alan regaled us with the exploits of the Grimlaut family before Alex Wight rounded up the night in excellent fashion with his first headliner spot.

Here is the second half in more photos.

We also like to do a little bit extra for those who come along and very generously share their words with us. This month, we presented David Subbachi and Alex Wight with very special paintings made by Keri herself.
Keri has also started to paint the poems of those poets we love. This month, she chose Lorraine and the very-finely crafted piece was given at the end of the night.

Here are some pictures of that too!

Next month we will be doing it all again so make sure you are there! We have the incredible Elizabeth Tyrell headlining for us and you don’t want to miss that! All the details are on the poster below or you can find us on Facebook!



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