Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 15/05/15

So we arrived in York today for the start of our anniversary trip away, myself and the beautiful Keri. On the way, one strap in my rucksack broke and I had to loop the other one round the handle on the suitcase. That was not necessarily the lightest thing I have ever had to deal with and York does not seem to like making flat surfaces.
I also found out that I am still on emergency tax so my pay was severely cut. I basically worked for £4 an hour last month. There’s better money on the game, I reckon.
Anyway, once I’d gotten over the annoyance of that, we had a pretty nice evening. Few pints, nice food and a lovely walk through town. Now if the people in the room could shut the hell up, we’ll be golden.
Here is a poem.
She asked me to be quiet
And all I wanted to do was laugh
At the top of my voice.
She asked me to be still
And I got itches in every part of my body.
She sked me not to push the red button
And four hours later the
First nuke struck.
Always listen.

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