Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 25/05/15 & 26/05/15

Well, not one single person replied to my views on the Joss Whedon ‘scandal’ so I can only imagine that I was completely right in what I said. That can be the only possible explanation.

I mean, logically. All those people who thought Mr Whedon was wrong with his depiction of Romanov in Age of Ultron spoke out very loudly indeed, and these kind of offence-mongering morons do not usually speak up when they think someone is right because they do not have the cognitive capacity to enter into sensible debates where the arguments opposing them are well-reasoned.

So yes, logically I win.

Here is a poem. I assure you it was written yesterday but I am in the middle of the final ever assignment for my B.A so that kind of take precedence at the moment.


The worst kind of attack is the one

you have no chance of seeing, defending against.

The blind assassin’s who surgically grope

the shadows, not knowing who their victim

will be but knowing that there will

be a victim. They do not care who their victim is,

within reason. There have been occasions of

friendly fire, assassin-on-assassin violence,

but things are always quickly rectified.

Their methods are never the same,

they are completely without motive.

They do not care what they take –

money, homes, material goods,

dignity, security, fundamental human rights.

And they cannot be stopped.

And we chose these blind assassin’s to lead us.


Today I am making a return to micropoetry.

Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘wild journey’ and comes from #WyldeVerse

Two steps forward,
one step sideways,
one on the edge,
another trying to keep balance
on a wild journey
to the next pub.
Here is another poem. The prompt is ‘fractured time’ courtesy of #MadVerse
He saw the city lit by life below.
It was the last thing he saw.
Vacant eyes stare
at the stars, blood washing
watch-shards away

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