Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 05/06/15

Here is a poem.

There’s a spider living in our bathroom.

I’m not a massive fan of spiders but

largely, I put up with them because

I hate flies a whole lot more.

What annoys me most about this spider

is the cobwebs. They stretch from one

corner of the room, right across the ceiling

to the opposite corner. It makes me feel

paranoid when I am in the shower,

like I am being stalked by an NSA trained ninja.

Like at any moment it will swoop down

and take me. I do realise this is tin-foil-hat

type paranoia. What really annoys me

is the cobwebs themselves, not their presence.

When I think of cobwebs, I see one of

nature’s most beautiful structures.

These cobwebs are brown and dank,

like rotten rope. I think this spider is lazy.


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