Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 10+11/06/15

What is happening this year? Christopher Lee now! It has been said about Nimoy and Pratchett but the world has lost an honest-to-god superstar. We all know him from his films – the Hammer Horror movies he starred in, Lord of the Rings. He was even good in the new Star Wars trilogy, which is really saying something about his talent! If you never heard his music though, we highly recommend it. In his nineties and still rocking.

The word legend gets bandied around very loosely in today’s world but he really was.


Here is a poem. the prompt is ‘lonely orchid’ by #HeartSoup

The sun’s screams crack

shriveled ground.

A earthy yawn becomes testament

to the lonely orchid’s persistence.


Here is a poem. The prompt is ‘seize the night’ by #MadVerse.

Shadows heavier than darkness

plague me, obsidian fingers

pierce my dreams.

Tonight I will catch

them with turkey feathers.


You know what, I’m feeling generous. Here is another poem. You may not want to thank me for this altruism just yet.

There is nothing I love more in the world,

nothing that makes me heart swell, my

soul sing, my body tingle from head to toe,

nothing that makes me happier to be alive,

than an honest-to-goodness fart.

A denim ripper,

paint stripper.


a drink-spilling,




underpant quenching


An unsure audience.

The pop of a withered balloon.

Because if we’re really honest with ourselves,

none of us ever grow up after all.


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