Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 17/06/15

Here is a poem.

Mirrors are tricky things.

Sometimes I stand in front of mine

and think that I am handsome.

If I am looking at the mirror image

of myself, is this reverse psychology,

or some form of?

Sometimes I find it hard to see the

reflections for the glass itself,

covered in minuscule white specks

gathered together.

How is it we can see round corners

in mirrors, to the parts it should

not be able to reach?

I understand that light can turn

and bounce but this seems

to be light as an actual fluid,

bright liquid tachyons

defying physics,

flooding over walls of perception.

Mirrors allow us to see rare moments

when we are not looking.

Everything seems much more interesting

when our backs are turned.

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