Tom Parry: Yellow T-Shirt

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

Right from the very beginning, you know that this is going to be a completely anarchic stand-up set from Tom Parry. His compere, ‘Kelly Jones’ from the Stereophonics, does a superb job of getting the crowd enthused and that energy carries on all the way through.

His audience interaction is absolutely masterful. At the beginning of the set, he hands out two cards to two random audience members, one with Jokes and one with Thoughts written on them. These are used so well throughout. The first Joke from the card will have you absolute stitches whilst Tom ditches all of his in the aftermath of the Joke.

As with many comedians, there were areas of dark humour but here, Tom delightfully mixed it with a huge does of the surreal which was a pleasure to watch.

As an audience, we are also guided to craft his standing ovation halfway through the set. Given the amount of time and hard-work a comedian puts into practicing their set, it felt only right that the audience puts in some of the practice too. Even without the rehearsed standing ovation, it is so well deserved at the end of the hour.

There is something innately and wonderfully likable about Tom. It is impossible to leave the room without a huge smile on your face. Grab a yellow t-shirt on your way out and carry on those good vibes.

‘Yellow T-Shirt’ – 1820, The Tron, 19th to 30th August.

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