Cormac Friel: Breakfast Epiphanies

Bunbury Magazine:★★★★★

This man couldn’t be more full of life and it’s probably biting sarcasm that’s keeping him to vitally energetic.
He seamlessly recounts a tale that at one moment has the room listening intently and at the next, gripping their sides. He’s cheeky but so meltingly charming that he gets away with everything he throws at his audience.

He has a way of dealing of latecomers in a superb way. The bell of shame! He stands and repeats “Shame” until everyone is sat and then, as though nothing has happened, returns to the exact point of his set, not losing pace and not going over old ground.

It is a pleasure to watch someone with such mastery, craft an excellent show. He is unafraid and brimming with confidence with absolutely no hint of arrogance.

Breakfast Epiphanies is very well put together and flows so smoothly which mimics the performer as he presents himself as articulate and well polished, which, he is.

The show has a very sweet message and everyone should experience it and don’t forget, October.

Cormac Friel – Breakfast Epiphanies – 19:40, Just The Tonic at The Caves – Runs until the 28th Aug

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