Danielle Ward: Dani Frankenstein

Bunbury Magazine: ★★★★★

Welcome to the stage Dani Frankenstein in her attempt to break South Korea’s K-Pop market via Skype with her unique brand music. There was simultaneously a real edge and genuine warmth behind this set from Danielle Ward. Everything talked about was done so completely unashamedly and with genuine openness.

It was a brilliant satire of the music industry today, taking about the styles of today’s pop stars with glee and lyrics that were in parts purposefully mundane yet very cutting. Frankenstein’s eagerness to ‘make it big’ whilst wrestling with the constraints of her manager lead to a brilliant mix of breakdown and hilarious ranting at the situation.

When she invited Robin Thicke to the stage, in the form of a mask, in order to rip apart his album, things got a little uncomfortable. Singing as Thicke, she bore down on members of the audience, pushing the boundaries of comfort – which is, were guessing, how people feel around the real Robin Thicke – before bringing it back from the edge brilliantly.

Danielle Ward is a refreshingly bold comedian, unafraid to tackle subjects deemed too risque by society. It is a wonderfully immersive comedy event that has real heartfelt undertones.

‘Dani Frankenstein’ – 12:30, The Voodoo Rooms, Unitl 30th August (Except 25th)

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