Wil Hodgson: Paranoid

Bunbury Magazine:★★★★★

They say that every show that is written by every performer, there is, somewhere, some truth about the performer. It is sometimes easy to miss with surreal, absurdist comedy. Then, every now and again, a comedian comes along who lays his truth out with startling and refreshing honesty.

Wil’s show is all about his own paranoia and nervous conditions, played out by the different characters in his head, all wonderfully portrayed by different archetypes of the pub-goer. Throughout, his story-telling is superbly imaginative, thought provoking and honest, keeping the audience gripped as the clashes with different parts of his brain pick up pace. Wil broaches these topics, which some would see as things not to be talked about in comedy, with expert ease and precision.

He intersperses talking about his paranoia with pop culture references from his youth with the kind of delight that shows he still loves all these things – his body is adorned with so many brilliant tattoos of characters, including Pat Butcher!

As Wil talks, he excellently demonstrates what it is like having nervous conditions with a great balance of humour and gravitas. It was an honour seeing a performer lay themselves so bare for the audience whilst keeping us in stitches all the way through.

‘Paranoid’ – 1820, Cabaret Voltaire, Until 29th August.

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