Editor Christopher Writes – #PoemADayForAYear: 10 + 11/10/15


Here is a poem.

A cherry plummets to the ground

and lands silently upon

cracked concrete,

the stalk shaking in its holding

on the branch.

A fat tom, lazing under the tree’s verdant canopy,

stirs from its deep contemplation and

raises shakily to its paws.

He wants to pounce on the cherry,

prepares to strike

and yelps and it takes off.

The grass has been stained red

where its back left paw

had been resting.

It lands, scraping its jaw

on the dried soil just before the path.

It tries to stand again

but has no strength left.

It looks at the cherry

and gives the feeblest of

cries as  a blackbird

swoops down and claims

the dropped fruit.


In God’s name,
the ring,
the circle of violence.
Orpheus rises.

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