The Punel Show Review

Rating –  ☆☆☆☆☆

This is a masterclass in fast paced puns from Darren Walsh and Mark Simmons with special guests. They were Matthew Price and Aatif Nawaz when Bunbury saw the show.

Upstairs in the Voodoo Rooms in the Speakeasy room the stage was set. Conversational and effortless, the puns worked perfectly with the top class performances of Darren Walsh & Mark Simmons who were nothing but charming with expert timing. The guys also had a little extra help from Soundman Trevor who was just… well, unforgettable.

The audience were allowed to answer the questions and score points or ‘Marks’ which were small discs with pictures of Mark Simmons. (we ended up with 7 if memory serves, beating the special guests) and this heightened the experience of this energetic and totally unpredictable show.

It was an absolute pleasure to see such excellent chemistry between the performers who carried out the hour with ease.
A must see if the opportunity presents itself.


Darren Walsh & Mark Simmons
Darren Walsh & Mark Simmons

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