Keri’s Edinburgh Fringe 2017 day 1.

We left Manchester at about 1:30am and tried getting some sleep on the coach which was due to drop us off at 7:30am.  The journey went without a hitch until 6:30am (we’d had about 3 and a bit hours sleep by this stage). We were running late by over an hour so plenty of time to grab a top up nap? Oh, oh no. A group of around 10 people got on in Glasgow. They could see people sleeping and so obviously began to talk to each other as though they were in the midst of a hurricane and 20ft apart. despite our best efforts and numerous choruses of ‘Shhhhhh’ which were completely ignored, they continued a constant stream of conversation about inane bullshit all the way to Edinburgh. We were stuck in traffic for 45 minutes too.
I should mention that it had started raining at 3:30am and was still intent on battering it down as we finally got off the coach with tempers just in one piece. What pissed me (Keri) off the most was that the ignorant idiot behind me at one point decided to grab the back of my seat with both hands and shake it. I could have flayed him alive and used his skin as gift wrap.
Sorry. I’ll be nice. Or at least, I’ll try.
So, after that, delightful experience, we then had all the joys of finding our accommodation. Now, given that we know th city pretty well, it should have been a breeze right? Wrong. At first, we went to the wrong place because heaven forbid they should put directions or a useful map up. ANYWHERE! After wandering round for half an hour looking like extras from Watership Down, we find the place. We’re then told that we couldn’t have early check-in because we didn’t book it in advance when the website said nothing about needing to and didn’t provide an option to pay for it at checkout. I shouted and got my way. Early check-in was still at 11:30 however do we dragged ourselves to a coffee shop which was and is realistically too small for our luggage but I wasn’t about to pay £3 to store my bags.
Cost after cost after cost. We won’t be staying here again that’s for damn sure.
So that pretty much brings me up to date and I’m not about to describe myself typing what I’m typing…
Here’s hoping the day gets better.
Catch you later.
Editor Keri

Th day did get a lot better. Busy, but better. I bumped into some old frinds, made some new ones and so did titania but that’s for another blog post.

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