Adam Larter – L’art Nouveau Review 

Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
If there was only one word to describe this show, this reviewer is convinced that that word does not exist.

At the top of the show, Adam asks the audience if they are ready for comedy. A resounding yes. He then asks the audience if they are ready for art. Another resounding yes.
What followed was a great fusion of the two in a show that contained everything you could not even begin to imagine. Human pass the parcel, wonderful parody songs, elements which made you genuinely worry about the physical health of the performer and surprise appearances by other Fringe Favourites.
All of these elements were neatly woven together with an overriding arch of a POP-ular type of crisp. It would be remiss, though, to say that all of the suprises in the show were woven together just by the crisps.
The show, and the audience, was carried by a performer with an unrivalled imagination, huge amounts of energy and knows how to engage the crowd in an extremely likable way. I was also blown away by the Adam’s resourcefulness. As someone who has just qualified as a teacher, I know just how much time can be spent and/or lost trying to make things for the classroom. The amount of hand-made props Adam uses throughout his show is admirable! 
I’m going to end this review with a personal note to Adam, who pointed out during his ‘cheese-making’ routine, that another reviewer described this section as ‘pointless’. If it were performed just in the context of comedy, it may well have been pointless but this was ART, and art experienced in the moment can never be pointless, as every moment has a meaning that can be transposed onto the ART. And that’s enough of the Gumpertz-style nonsense.

Adam Larter: L’Art Nouveau. 

The Hive.


Until 26th.

Part of Heroes of the Fringe.

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