Editor Christopher’s Fringe Day 1 – 14/08/17

Yesterday was the start of Bunbury Magazine’s 2017 Edinburgh Fringe. Landing in, it was not a good start but that had absolutely nothing to do with the Fringe itself and absolutely everything to do with the weather, the hills with suitcases (by which I mean we had suitcases and there were hills, not that the hills had come to life and were packing up to leave town) and the penny-pinching beauracracy of our accommodation.
After we decompressed, I headed out to see my first show. The second, third, fourth and fifth shows followed pretty swiftly. Here is a breakdown of what I saw:
Adam Larter – L’Art Nouveau

Marlon Solomon – Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale

Rowan McCabe – Door to Door Poetry

Poets Against Humanity

Suky Goodfellow – Political Acid Trip
There will be reviews to follow as and when I get time. This list is more to remind me what I have seen so far.

It’s also to highlight that, as usual, the entertainment on offer is absolutely superb. 

Today, I have three shows planned that I need to see and then I’m letting the flow of the streets and the hustling of the flyerers take me wherever it pleases.

Speak to you tomorrow,

Editor Christopher,

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