Henry Café’s It’s Gameshow time – Review

Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Henry Café’s It’s Gameshow Time 13:45 Cabaret Voltaire (Venue 838)

Bunbury Award: Best Use Of Water Of The Fringe 🏆

This show bursts with energy and is very heavy on the audience participation front.
The warm-up routine leaves no doubt as to the content and is a brilliant ice breaker, not only putting the room at ease but also making every comfortable.
Henry Café is a very confident performer who is very skilled when dealing with unexpected occurences a show like this is bound to throw up.
He controls the room effortlessly which is astounding given that the feel of the show is like a cross between group therapy and popular 90s TV show Funhouse. It’s Gameshow Time appeals to the fun, silly part of all of us and really stands out.
From the games to the superbly bad puns which are carried of with a strange elegance I’ve never seen before.
This highly enjoyable show is the perfect way to lose yourself for an hour and come out feeling happy and oddly confident.

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