Marlon Solomon – Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale Review

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As a fully functioning member of society (shut up), often, we only see the outside perspective out how religions are percieved. It is rare that there is a first hand experience of what it is like to be a member of a religion, particularly one that has been subject to a horrific history.
Marlon’s show give us exactly this. ‘A Lizard’s Tale’ is a show about the conspiracy theories that surround the Jewish faith and how a book – ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ have been used to promote anti-semitism around the world.
His delivery of this story is deeply engrossing right from the first moment. The subject matter could have struggled in another’s hands, being quite hard-hitting, but Marlon’s ability to handle these subjects with care, and a good deal of humour, provides both himself and the audience a safe and encouraging space to explore these ideas.
The use of pictures and videos throughout the show is fantastic. (As a teacher, I often struggle to find these types of media relevant to the point in order to give different dimensions to the material.) In particular, Marlon uses a school picture of himself to signpost different sections of the show in a memorable way.
The show is filled with much that is interesting, surprising and shocking in equal measure. I must admit right now that, at one point, I wasn’t sure if I was making notes for this review or taking lecture notes. I hope Marlon can provide me with the PowerPoint afterwards for revision purposes!
All in all, Marlon is a superb performer who handles difficult subject matter with a tenderness in an engrossing manner. Go along and learn! (Also, buy his t-shirt; it’s amazing)

Marlon Solomon: Conspiracy Theory: A Lizard’s Tale

Black Market


Until 26th

Part of PBH Free Fringe.

Review written by Christopher Moriarty.

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