Andy Quirk’s Got First World Problems

Andy Quirk’s Got First World Problems 18:25 Black Market (Venue 399)

Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Bunbury Award: Best Use of A Mic Stand 🏆

From the start, this show was different to any I’ve seen so far. Aimed at audiences ages 14+, it is a clean break from many shows in the Fringe that have more adult content. Interaction with the crowd is excellently handled and used to great effect. A great level of showmanship is instantly apparent and the performance spaces is used in an awesome wayin this highly relatable show. The writing is of a very high standard and it translates perfectly from page to stage with superb timing and an ability to switch music genre with ease.
In the relaxed atmosphere of this show, the audience are at ease with the interaction kept at a fun, encouraging and friendly level.
Andy’s partner and on-stage support (Andy’s ‘Crew’) was perfect, not only providing a classic R&B feel but managed the audience effortlessly.
Covering topics from Social Media to DIY, this energetic show may be a little different from other shows you’ll see at the fringe but it is excellent and we thoroughly recommend.


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