Editor Christopher’s Fringe Day 2 – 15/08/17

Yesterday was a long day. A looooong day indeed. And highly enjoyable.
I spent the large part of the day at The Counting House, a venue used by the Free Festival, seeing a mix of straigh stand-up comedy, improvised theatre and improvised sketches & poetry. 
Once again, this year I have been blown away already by the wealth and variety of talent on offer in Edinburgh. I’ve only seen 12 shows so I’ve not even scratched the surface but what I have seen has been amazing.
I do think the Fringe is doing strange things to my brain though. (I know I’ve only been here for a day and a half and there are plenty of people that have been here for far longer!) Last night, I had a dream that I was approached by a tam consisting of Katherine Ryan, Wil Hodgson and Phil Jupitus to steal the original scroll upon which Tom Parry wrote his ‘Red Sky at Night’ joke in a Mission-Impossible-style heist. I’m looking forward to tonight’s dream
Being up here feels like being part of the best community in the world. This is our fourth year up here, we have made so many good friends and it feels like such a safe space in which to do what we do.
Enough of all that now! Here’s a round up of what I saw yesterday.
John Porter – 5 Years Later

The Rat Pack Presents…

Henry Churniawsky & Joe Bains – 2 Religions, 1 Comedy Show

Peter Michael Marino – Show Up

Virginie Fortin – A Sad Joke About Life

Dave Chawner – C’est La Vegan

Poetic Jesstice

Total shows so far – 12
See you tomorrow!

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