Suky Goodfellow: Political Acid Trip


Bunbury Magazine: ⭐⭐⭐

I always appreciate it when ground rules are laid out at the start of a thing, whether that’s laying out the rules for a class or, in this case, a show. It allows everyone involved to relax and enjoy the ride, make the most of the trip.

Suky Goodfellow laid out the ground rules for her political acid trip in a confident manner, making sure everyone in the audience felt they were in a space in which they could enjoy this show to its utmost.The show itself was a well-written choose-your-own adventure show. The linking narrative was full of absurdism in its imagery, guiding the audience through a colourful world full of choices. Each choice leads to a poem; poems which deal with a spectrum of topics, from politics to swearing, love-lives to drinking, unemployment to steam-punk feminists.


The adventure narrative weaves nicely through the world Suky creates, its cartoon-eque style creating good juxtaposition with the more grounded reality of the poems themselves. All in all, the show was full of a wonder and charm that drew the audience into the world Suky has created.

Suky Goodfellow: Political Acid Trip.

Part of PBH Free Fringe

Black Market.


Run now finished.

Written by Christopher Moriarty.

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