Editor Christopher’s Fringe Day 3 – 16/08/17

A shorter one today, largely beacause I think I burned through too much of what I want to say yesterday. In my own hubristic way, I espoused about how much I love the Fringe yesterday when really, all those thoughts would have been a perfect round up to the trip; like using your best joke 5 minutes into an hour set and then struggling to find a way to wrap up.
Wednesday was another long day. Long, full of very good shows and a free banana. I finally got to see Attila the Stockbroke in action which has been something I have wanted to do for quite some time. I very nearly cried at the end of that show. I also got to see some familar faces and good friends in action, which is always lovely.
Here’s a round up of the shows I saw yesterday:

Phil Jupitus as Porky the Poet – Survivalve

Winter Foenander – Aside Effect

Mark Simmons – One Linerer

Attila the Stockbroker – Undaunted

Aaron Simmonds – & Literal Support Acts

Calum Ross, Dylan Dodds and Crssida Wetton – Small Town Fools

Richy Sheehy – Rich and Morty

Total Shows – 19
Right, now to go make a plan for today and get some oranges (the small ones that don’t require a sandblaster to peel) from Lidl.

Much love,


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