EdFringe 2017 Interview Questions

Well hello there! Here are the interview questions we asked at the EdFringe this year so if you got a care package from us but lost the questions (oh no!) or have just simply forgotten, (doh!)

FEAR NOT!!! They are here!


  1. First thing’s first, tell our readers about yourself.
  2. How did you get into doing what you do?
  3. What have been the best part of the festival?
  4. Have there been any horror stories?
  5. Have there been any funny moments?
  6. Do you have any hidden talents?
  7. What’s next for you after the Fringe?
  8. Where can we see/hear your stuff?
  9. Other than eating, name three things you would do with peanut butter.

When you send them in, send them to submissions@bunburymagazine.com. Please could you type them up into a word document with your name as the file name and ‘FRINGE 2017’ as the email subject. Also, send pictures. Either of yourself, from your show or flyers or ALL OF THE ABOVE! The space is yours to plug plug plug away so really make it count!

If you want to see what we have done in previous Fringe Features, click on any of the links below!

Edinburgh Fringe 2014
Edinburgh Fringe 2015
Edinburgh Fringe 2016


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